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Exploring a Better Future for
Merritt Island.

Local citizens joining together to explore a better  Merritt Island.

As a Community, We Face Many Challenges.
Merritt Island is being left behind.  With the recent growth in other areas of  Brevard, Merritt Island's needs are often overlooked, and our tax dollars are going elsewhere.   It's felt by our residents, and it's seen by many who live or visit.   We deserve better and we can do better.

The Merritt Island Preservation Committee 

Local citizens are joining together to explore a better future for Merritt Island.

Dear Merritt Island Community,

The Merritt Island Preservation Committee (MIPC) was formed in late 2022 by a group of residents concerned that many of Merritt Island's issues have not been addressed by county government.  On January 10, 2022, during a Brevard County Board of County Commissioners meeting, the MIPC requested a third-party Feasibility Study, funded by the county to understand where Merritt Island tax dollars were being spent.  Until the final Feasibility Study was complete, the MIPC refrained from making public statements without complete and factual information.  The final Feasibility Study is now complete and demonstrates a strong financial reason to consider incorporation. 

The economic viability of Merritt Island as a city is demonstrated in that no new taxes are necessary to continue existing services.  After expenses, in the first year alone, there is a surplus budget of over $6.8 million  to revitalize and invest in our Island.  Incorporation allows our community to directly address local concerns and make local decisions.  ​


Merritt Island residents can decide for themselves in the November 2024 General Election if incorporation is the solution to addressing our community's issues. The MIPC feels confident the Feasibility Study provides Merritt Island residents with the facts needed to responsibly explore the idea of incorporation.  Future meetings will be scheduled throughout the Merritt Island community to discuss the possibility of incorporation.


Thank you for taking the time to research this issue and understand the facts.  This is an important decision, and we owe it to ourselves as a community to understand the truth.


The Merritt Island Preservation Committee

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Did you know....

Merritt Island  would be the 4th largest municipality in Brevard County. Merritt Island's taxable property value is ~$4.6 Billion dollars and growing.     


Median Income
Median Home Price
(June 2023)
How do we form a city?

Florida's Home Rule powers allow local Florida communities to unite and form municipalities (cities, towns, and villages). It starts right here, with our citizens, community workgroups and local support.

Together we discover the benefits for our community.

The Journey to Incorporation for Merritt Island


In a Non-Binding Straw Poll Merritt Island Voted 'No' to incorporation.

35 years ago, the residents of Merritt Island participated in a straw ballot vote and voted no to incorporation.  Residents were not provided with a feasibility study or adequate data to make an informed decision.


North Merritt Island HOA requests Feasibility Study

North Merritt Island's HOA requested a feasibility study from the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners.  The request was ultimately tabled and the study was never approved.

April 2022

District 2 Commissioner Resigns

Merritt Island was left unrepresented on the County Commission for 8 months due to an abrupt departure of the District 2 Commissioner.  

Oct 2022

The Merritt Island Preservation Committee Forms

Local citizens joined together to understand the challenges surrounding Merritt Island and determined there was a need to review where Merritt Island tax dollars were being spent.

Oct-Dec 2022

The Merritt Island Preservation Committee Researches Issues &  Potential Solutions

The MIPC began researching on how other unincorporated communities dealt with local concerns including incorporation.  Discussions were held with past and present community leaders, residents and independent consultants. 

Jan 2023

The County agrees to a Request For Proposal (RFP) to Fund a Feasibility Study

On January 10th, 2023 the MIPC requested the County complete a Feasibility Study for the residents of Merritt Island.  Brevard County has previously conducted  and funded these type of  studies for Port St. John and Grant-Valkaria.


The Feasibility RFP was issued on Jan 30, 2023.

March 2023

BJM Consulting selected by Brevard County to conduct the  Merritt Island Feasibility Study.

Brevard County received two responses to the Merritt Island Feasibility Study RFP and selected BJM consulting.  BJM Consulting has conducted 35+ feasibility studies in Florida and is highly recommended by the Florida League of Cities and other municipalities who have solicited their services.

April 2023

MIPC Political Action Committee (PAC) Formed

MIPC formed a PAC in anticipation of the expenses to explore incorporation and due to the aggressive timelines to file with the legislature if the Feasibility Study results were positive for incorporation.

May 2023

MIPC began drafting City Charter

Due to aggressive timelines established by the Florida Legislature, the MIPC hired a local attorney to begin drafting a City Charter.  

June 2023

The Interim Feasibility Study demonstrates strong financial viability for incorporation.

The initial feasibility Study results provide a compelling  case for the incorporation of Merritt Island.

July 2023

Final Feasibility Study Completed

The Final Feasibility Study is completed.

Aug 2023

The Merritt Island City Charter is completed

The initial Merritt Island City Charter will be completed.   

Sept 2023

Request will be made to the Florida legislature to allow the residents of Merritt Island to vote on Incorporation in Nov 2024.

Our State Legislators consider the incorporation of Merritt Island.  

Oct 2023-Nov 2024

MIPC begins Town Hall Meetings & Information sharing 

The MIPC will conduct town hall meetings and information sharing sessions to ensure the residents of Merritt Island are provided with the facts to make an educated and informed decision on incorporation.

November 2024

The Residents of Merritt Island Vote on incorporation.

The residents of Merritt Island have the opportunity to have their voice heard and vote on incorporation in the General Election.  


Do you have a specific topic or question you would like us to cover?  

 Let's educate ourselves to ensure we make decisions based on facts.

Working with Financial Documents

Final Feasability Study Presentation


BJM Consulting summarizes the feasibility results.


Experts Panel

What is Government Lite?

Learn More about

"Government Lite" , and how Merritt Island can maintain services from the county and even improve where necessary, without impacting the tax base.



Judges Examining Document

Proposed City Charter

Learn about the proposed Merritt Island City Charter.  Understand how districts are organized ensuring focused representation for each  area of our island.


Stay tuned for upcoming announcements & community workshops.

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